COVID-19: March 22nd Update

Hi, it is with great honour to update you on the COVID-19 situation.1. Care packages to the 237 residential homes on Cowessess FN are still being delivered. If you have yet to receive one please contact Peace Keepers. The care packages include cleaning products, activities, the flag system information, and information on COVID-19.

2. The flag system is active. There are different colours to indicate your homes situation. Some homes are farther from the road for Peace Keepers and others to view. Please place the colours where it will be most visible to the Peacekeepers. If you require assistance with flag system, please contact Peace Keepers.

3. Reduce travel; it is the responsibility of each community member to reduce travel on and off the Nation. In the coming days there will be barricades put at each of the six main entrances. These will be passable but will have reasons people should not come onto Cowessess FN. There is ongoing assessment to implement zero coming onto Cowessess but has not come to that stage. It responsibility is to each home fire to assure travel is minimal as the cases increase in the major cities.

4. Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and Cowessess Gas and Grocery; the WTP has implemented no customer to enter the building. If someone needs water, please leave bottles at door, go back to vehicle and when bottles are ready, they will be placed on the outside. The store is the other public essential service; the store has implemented four people at a time in the store, use debit machine if possible, and a plexiglass installed. If needing to shop, staff are willing to deliver and payment exchanged at home. Please contact store for details.

5. The Communicable Disease Emergency Plan is ready to be implemented. As of this time, there are no classes within the towns or Nations surrounding Cowessess FN. If this happens, immediate action will commence. The more community members travel to shop, the more chances of COVID-19 coming to Cowessess FN. Please make these decisions with understanding as a community we will communally be affected.

6. The $50 financial assistance has been ongoing for all citizens 18+. The five Finance staff have gotten over many requests and have been working to release all eligible requests. Thank you to staff for the ongoing work. Calling to see where it is at is a challenge as offices are closed. Please email for follow up.
7. Food storage; Cowessess FN has food shortage plan and will be available where needed.

It is moments like this we must stay united and remain proactive. Making decision on fear and anxiety can lead to additional stress. The Cowessess FN way is to continually assess and make decisions that will have long term positive impact on the the collective. Please call your elderly to check on them, teach our youth that we are resilient together and we can overcome this and take time to make the best of the situation; make memories of family games and going outside.
If you have COVID-19 symptoms and require, please call Emily, Director of Health at (639)205-7295 or if you have questions for me, please contact me at (639)205-7960

Cadmus Delorme