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Programs & Services

Healthy Child Development Cluster

  • Milk Voucher program
  •  Good Food Box Program
  • Prenatal/Post Natal Programming
  • COHI Services
  • Education/Awareness Sessions
  •  Parenting Classes
  • Sewing Classes
  • Cultural Presentations; moss bag making, etc
  •  Home Visiting Program
  • Healthy Eating; baby food making, etc
  •   Immunization – Assisting CHN in ensuring babies receive their immunizations

Healthy Living Cluster

The Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative activities that are being conducted by our Dietitian include the following:

  •  one-on-one dietitian counseling (35 clients)
  • Healthy Eating presentations at the elementary/high school students on the Nation
  • Healthy Eating presentations at prenatal/postnatal sessions and to those dealing with chronic diseases
  •  Education/Awareness sessions on diabetes; prevention/intervention
  • Cooking Classes
  • Menu development at local elementary/high school (CCEC/Day Care)
  • Good Food Box Program
  •  Initiated gardening projects
  •  Creation of a Community Garden


Home & Community Care Cluster

Our Home & Community Care program offers case management, nursing services, health teachings, home management and home care maintenance.  Through out the year, the client numbers fluctuated between 40 – 50 clients receiving services.  These services varied from temporary services for hospital discharges to long term clients.  With four employees now in this department, all aspects of client care are being taken care of.  Services that are offered are, but not limited to, as follows:

  • nursing services
  • wound management
  •  foot care
  •  home management
  •  healthy eating
  •  education/awareness sessions
  •  wellness clinics
  • training for family members (if required)
  • home maintenance (basic)


Mental Health Cluster

The mental health programming and services included provisions for all ages.  Mental health issues range from learning how to help others to how to help yourself mental, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Some of the issues that our community deal with on a daily basis range from addictions to alcohol to opioids, from depression to suicide ideation, and to dealing with medically born issues to self destruction.  These issues are not only being dealt with by individuals but the as a community. As it relates to our youth in the community, an average of 15 youth participates in the biweekly Youth Group Meetings.  For those who participated in the meetings, they qualified to participate in 4 different Youth Group Outings that were coordinated.  The Youth Outreach Program includes the following:

  • biweekly youth meetings that discuss youth issues
  • biweekly youth outtings
  • youth empowerment guest speakers
  • education and awareness sessions
  • taking youth to youth empowerment sessions
  • training youth to be able to help other youth who may need help

Addictions Services

For our adults and families, some of the programming and services are as follows:

  •  AA/NA/GA weekly meetings
  •  one-on-one counselling sessions
  •  education/awareness sessions
  •  cultural enhancements to programming
  • womens/mens/elders/girls/boys support groups
  • group outings
  • information sessions
  •  NAAAW Week
  •  Round Ups
  •  trainings ie. Naloxone Training, safeTALK