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Urban Office

The Cowessess Urban Office was established in 2002 to deliver programs and services to membership residing off-reserve. To access programs, an application form must be filled out and the required documentation for that program must be submitted. The Cowessess First Nation has approximately 4222 Band Members, 933 of which reside on-reserve status lands. With 3287 residing off reserve representing 80% of the population, there is a high demand for off-reserve programs and services. Regina is home to over 1,000 Members, our largest concentration of Membership. Our non-resident population can be denied services by the Provincial governments, as the Provinces claim First Nations are a Federal responsibility.

Current programs and services are as follows:

Membership Assistance

This program provides non-resident members with assistance to attend unforeseen events such as: medical emergencies; supporting immediate family members who are ill; or family funerals where assistance is not otherwise available.

Mobility Assistance Program (MAP)

This program provides non resident members access to special needs equipment when all other supports have been exhausted.

Lifestyles – Assistance includes assisted living devices and may include other accessories based on the needs of the individual as prescribed by a family physician.

Extended Care – Assistance to live with medical conditions that are not covered by First Nations and Inuit Health Benefits.

Please note that equipment purchased on behalf of the individual remains the property of the Cowessess First Nation. Once the items and/or equipment are no longer required then it is to be returned to the office where it will be refurbished and reassigned.

Transitional Allowance Program (TAP)

This program provides non-resident members with a contribution to support their transition towards employment. Subject to program maximums, this support may include: short term training; relocation assistance; uniforms attire; tools and equipment. This program does not provide a long-term education or training program or a living allowance.

Youth Assistance Program (YAP) – School

This program is designed to assist non-resident elementary and high school students (K-12) residing in the urban centers. The program provides direct payment or reimbursement of mandatory school fees, where assistance is not otherwise available. This program does not provide assistance with student transportation, physical education attire, lunch-time monitor fees or backpacks. 

Youth Assistance Program (YAP) – Sports

This program provides non-resident Band members financial assistance for sports fees for children and youth up to the age of twenty (20) years, they must be attending an educational institution. This program provides direct payment or reimbursement for mandatory school fees, where assistance is not otherwise available. Supplies will either be issued to the caregivers of the child/youth for the school year or receipts will be reimbursed upon eligibility.
Activity Assistance Program

This program provides non-resident Band member with direct payment or reimbursement of school, club or activity transportation fees to attend events. Assistance provided for travel shall be limited to mileage, hotel and meals based on the Band’s Social Assistance rates. To qualify, the applicant must be up to including the age of Twenty (20) years and must be attending an education institution.

Home Ownership Project (HOP)

This program provides non-resident members with assistance to purchase their first. Provided all the necessary documentation is received and validated, this program provides a down payment grant of 5% of the home’s purchase price, to the maximum of $5,000.

The Home Renovation Program (HRP)

This program will provide funding to non-resident Senior Band Members requiring renovations to bring their house to a minimum standard of health and safety and to individuals with disabilities who require accessibility renovations.

Eligibility for this program, the applicant must be a registered band member; Senior (55 & over); provide proof of ownership; own house for a minimum of 5 years; demonstrate the need to alleviate health deficiencies in the home.

Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria may apply for reimbursement of material and labour and/or submit original invoices from a Professional/Licensed Contractor up to five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) maximum.

Summer Youth Day Camp

This camp is administered by our Post Secondary Summer Student for youth aged 7 – 10 who reside in Regina. This camp provides a variety of activities such as recreational, educational and cultural.

Knowledge Keepers Gathering

This Gathering is held monthly for membership over the age of 55 years old. A variety of activities are planned each month. Seniors can come and go throughout the day to socialize or take part in the activities.

Foot Care Services

This service is provided to our Urban Seniors aged 55 & up & also to our Urban Members who are diabetic. This service is for members residing in Regina.

Medical Transportation Services

This service is provided to our Urban Seniors aged 55 & up who require transportation to medical appointments in Regina.

Drive License Program

This program is to assist Membership to acquire their Drivers License.  This program will provide financial assistance to a Certified Driver Instructor for the six (6) hours of in-car & six (6) hours of in-class training needed to acquire your Driver’s License.

Drum & Share

This Program is for youth aged 7 – 12 years old and will be administered by one of our band members who is also with the Drum Group Buffalo Lodge. Participants will learn the proper protocols that are needed in handling a drum, being around a drum, how to sing Traditional Songs and the meaning behind each one.

Projected  Start Date:   October 2017

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to develop a political, cultural, socio-economical and educational base awhile advocating, assisting, capacity building and implementing programs and services.

Our Vision is to achieve self-sufficiency and to continue to improve the quality of life for our community and its membership.

Cowessess Urban Office

107 A Albert St
Regina, Sk.  S4R 2N3
Phone:  (306) 522-5558
Toll Free: 1(866)744-0677
Fax:  (306) 522-5559

Bonnie Lavallee, Non-Resident Councillor
Cell: 1(639)205-7964


Jodie Delorme, Coordinator of Urban Programs & Services
Cell: 1(306)551-4202

Janice Lerat, Reception/Admin

Francis Delorme, Assistant

Committee Members:

  • Rebecca Agecoutay
  • Joanne Buckles
  • David Lerat
  • Gay Sparvier (On Reserve)
  • Bill Stevenson