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Contract for Tender CMHC RRAP 2017

March 9th, 2018

Unit #78

  • Supply and install materials to repair all foundation wall cracks. Work shall include but not limited to excavation at the location of all the cracks; point, parge and waterproof where required; and ensure positive slope around the foundation perimeter.
  • Replace deteriorated Kitchen Components. Work to include but shall not be limited to supply and install: Kitchen base cabinets, counter-top including all hardware and required trim work, kitchen sink, faucet, and all required plumbing, range-hood exhaust complete with bulkhead leading to outside wall complete with ductwork and exterior exhaust vent, repair all drywall and paint kitchen complete, sub-floor and resilient flooring throughout the kitchen and living room.
  • Remove and dispose of deteriorated bathroom components. Work to include but shall not be limited to supply and install: Bathroom vanity and counter-top including all hardware and required trim work, bathroom sink including faucet, new tub with faucet and shower, new tub surround, all required plumbing work, bathroom exhaust fan (110 CFM, 0.3 sone or equivalent) repair all drywall and paint bathroom complete sub-floor and resilient flooring (approximately 50 SF). Ensure bathroom exhaust ductwork and exterior exhaust vent is installed properly.
  • Remove and dispose of damaged front entry wood deck boards and entry step wood runs. Work to include but shall not be limited to supply and install: New pressure treated wood runs on existing metal step brackets, install handrail at steps. Install handrail at basement stairs.
  • Remove and dispose of old attic insulation. Air seal all penetrations and air leaks of the attic floor. Supply and install approved blown-in attic insulation (R40-R50) complete with baffles to ensure proper soffit ventilation. Install insulation and weather stripping at attic access. The amount of attic insulation to conform to the recommended insulation levels as per the authority having jurisdiction.
  • All bids must separate the costs for labour and materials for each point on this scope of work.
  • The contractor is responsible for confirming all dimensions and quantities on site.
  • Be sure the job site is clean and free of any hazards and insure all debris is removed at the end of the project.

Deadline for submissions: March 30, 2018 at 4:30pm

*Please submit complete sealed bids to the Cowessess Housing Department*


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