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Current Regina Cowessess gas price 93.9C –Diesel price 112.9C

Current On-reserve Cowessess gas prices 89.9C –Diesel price 110.9C

Cowessess Gas & Grocery I now has a Defibrillator on site!


Our Vision & Mission

“To enhance the quality of life through healing and understanding by providing holistic health services that support community members to lead a balanced lifestyle.”

The Cowessess First Nation Health Department is very proud of its legacy of promoting health and wellness in the community. At the inception of the community based health services the “Community Health Representative” (CHR) role was established in the early 80’s. Cowessess was one of the first grass roots communities to actually employ a Band Employed Nurse in the early 90’s as well as participating in the Pre-Health Transfer Study in 1995. The department has evolved from a staff of 4 to 17 over the past ten + years.

The Health & Social Development Department provides a quality professional health services to all community members. They are the stewards of developing; implementing and establishing effective programs and services that promote independent living, quality care givers, as well as recognizing the role of traditional methods and practices.

The Health & Social Development promotes and assists the community to live a balanced lifestyle. It includes healthy and immunization program for babies, regular doctor day, social assistance program, homecare and special care aide services, community nursing program and services, day care, addictions specialist, medical transportation program, etc.

The social impact of the health department is reflective in the community well being statistics that are generated by Statistics Canada. The methodology used for assessing the social impact is based on the program growth and stability. Therefore, the social impact has created the desire and need to continue to build and sustain a positive community that promotes well-balanced lifestyles.

Cowessess Health and Social Development

Box 100 – Cowessess, Sask – S0G 5L0

Phone: 306-696-2263
Fax: 306-696-2374

Angie Tanner, Health Director
ext 223 639-205-7036

Audrey Seitz, Home Care Aide
ext 222 306-696-7661

VACANT, Homemaker


Chad Pelletier, Custodian

Cheryl Delorme, Maternal Child Health Coordinator
ext 229 306-696-6449

Tenielle Koob, Dietitian
ext 234 306-380-6645

Glenn Pelletier, Addictions Counselor
ext 225 306-696-7446

Glynis Bandet, Home and Community Care Nurse
ext 231 639-205-7083

Randi Lerat, Youth Outreach Worker
ext 224 306-696-7366

Joanne Buckles, Community Health Representative
ext 235 306-535-5084

Greta Alexson, Admin Assistant/Receptionist
ext 221

Tanya Delorme, Reception/Medical Transportation Clerk
ext 233 306-589-9050

Roberta Redwood, A/Social Assistance Administrator
ext 228 306-201-9774

Vacant, Social Assistance Clerk
ext 230