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Lands & Resources

Our Staff

Councillor Lionel Sparvier
Portfolio Holder

Councillor Bonnie Lavallee

Loretta Delorme
Manager, Lands and Resources

Christopher Lerat
Leasing Officer

Daphne Kay
Administrative Assistant

Anita Delorme
Lands Acquisition Clerk

Current Land Management Processes for leasing

Cowessess First Nation Lands

Cowessess First Nation signed the Treaty Land Entitlement Agreement with the Province of Saskatchewan and the Government of Canada in March of 1996. In pursuant to the terms of this agreement, Cowessess First Nation began negotiating leases on reserve status land to local producers on a cost per acre basis for crop lands.

In 2006 Cowessess signed into the Reserve Land and Environment Management (RLEMP), the Lands & Resources Department manage Treaty Land Entitlement lands that have attained Reserve Status.

The process is as follows:

  • “Offer to Lease” application is filled out by the pending Lessee and submitted to Lands and Resources. The offer is for short term and no longer than 3 years.
  • A “permit” is prepared.
  • “Offer to Lease” and the “Permit” application is presented to Chief and Council for approval and signatures. (3 copies are signed, one for the Lessee, one for First Nations and for INAC).
  • One copy of the signed Permit goes to INAC for registration of permit, one remains in the Lands Department and the Lessee gets one copy.

Cheques received from Lessee’s for the spring and fall payments are made out to the Receiver General of Canada and sent to Ottawa and deposited into the Revenue Trust Account (RTA).

Chief and Council through Band Council Resolution (BCR) process, request funds from the RTA to allocate.

Original Reserve Land (the existing reserve):

  • Same process as noted above

Pre – Reserve Land (CFN owned but not Reserve Status manged by the TLE Office)

  • Lease out short term (1 – 5 years).
  • “offer to lease” application submitted to Trust for review and approval.
  • Lease is drawn up and signed (2 copies) by the Lessee and the Trustees.
  • One copy of lease remains in office for filing, and lessee receives his copy.
  • Treaty Land Entitlement manages lands and dollars.