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March 13th, 2018

Contract Tender for Position of

Cowessess First Nation is seeking a motivated residential construction Project Manager. The position will report directly to the Director of Housing, for Cowessess First Nation. This will be a contract position for the duration of the build of two residential housing units on the reserve.

Project Details:

Onsite construction of two (2) residential housing units, each unit will be approximately 1100 sq feet. Blue prints are completed and available for review prior to submitting your tender. Construction to start spring 2018 (April/ May). The successful candidate will project manage/ general contract the construction of two residential housing units on behalf of Cowessess First Nation. Cowessess will hire all subtrades and procure all materials, however it will be the responsibility of the successful candidate to outsource and put together the contracts for all contractors and supplies to achieve a high-quality product at best value.

Experience Required:

• Proven experience as construction project manager
• In-depth understanding of construction procedures and material and project management principles
• Familiarity with quality building specifications
• Implementation of an onsite health and safety standard
• Work together with architects & contractors etc. to determine the specifications of the project
• Negotiate contracts with external vendors to reach profitable agreements
• Obtain permits and licenses from appropriate authorities
• Determine needed resources (manpower, equipment and materials) from start to finish with attention to budgetary limitations
• Plan all construction operations
• Construction scheduling – implement an aggressive schedule and hold contractors to milestone dates and deadlines.
• Hire contractors and other staff and allocate responsibilities
• Supervise the work of laborers, technicians etc. and give them guidance and direction when needed
Experience Required (con’t)
• Tendering & Contract recommendation for all trades
• Material procurement and monitoring of supplies
• Communication and coordination with utility providers
• Schedule and attend required progress and final inspections
• Ensure all material is CSA approved
• Ensure all workmanship is above NBC standards
• Manage the day-to-day working, utilisation, implementation and technical consultants engaged on client assignments. From ensuring the correct material turns up before a job, to explaining the work ethics and activities to colleagues.
• Report progress on projects to management, maintain and update project reporting, checkpoints and financial reporting to a high standard.
• Produce reports on each project at agreed intervals, and whenever substantive actions are required.

Submission Requirements:

Please submit your experience and qualifications in the form of a resume by March 16, 2018. Please provide a cover letter stating:

– Understanding of local contractors and material suppliers
– Contract fee expectation:
o Cowessess would like a lump sum fee proposal for the delivery of this whole build.
o Payments will be made on a monthly basis.
o Fee amount will not increase if the project budget runs behind schedule.
– Proposed project timeline
o Encourage candidates to review the blueprints and put together an aggressive project implementation schedule with final completion dates as realistic and aggressive as possible.

*This is not a full-time employment contract, this is a Services Contract for the duration of the build. No employee benefits will be offered.

Please submit Bid to :

Housing Department, Cowessess First Nation
P.O. Box 100
Cowessess, Saskatchewan S0G OK0
Email to :

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